Like every year, I made a special cartoon for Christmas. This year I gave Rudolph an upgrade.

In this scene, I wanted to give the main subject a WIS-twist: Rudolph’s red nose. I transformed the nose into the thing we love most: a watch. If you look carefully you will see that his red chronograph/nose even has bright blue luminova. The watch case has a special case treatment. 5 layers of glow-in-the-dark red coating are applied. Because of the 5 layers, the case is also extremely hard. Santa promised Rudolph it will outperform even the most hardened cases. The movement itself is reliable and very accurate. Running well within chronometer specs, Rudolph functions as the ultimate timing machine. He ensures that Santa and his crew will be in time to bring all the presents. One last fact: the rotor is made of pure gold by Santa’s ferries. The rotations are accelerated by stardust. Legend goes that it has never been wind until this day…

Looking back and forward

To conclude this year I would like to thank everyone who supported me, motivated me and did keep me inspired. As a personal highlight, I would like to point out my book release once again (you can read all about it on this page on Fratello). It was like a dream coming true and I did receive so many kind words. Thank you!

In 2020 I will keep making watch cartoons for Fratello. Besides this, it will be quieter around Watches and Pencils than last year. My wife and I are expecting a baby. Time to create artworks for the WIS people might become a bit of a challenge. I won’t be doing a lot of extra watch reviews or other watch related stuff, but will keep my eyes on the watch design world. Let’s hope for more authentic new watch designs than this year.

Below a visual recap of last year with some of the highlights 🙂