Recently Swatch Group announced that they pull out of Baselworld. Shortly after this, we published an article  about this matter and the future of Baselworld. With this month’s episode I thought it was the right time to give my opinion about the biggest watch show. Instead of looking back, I have a proposal for the organizational staff and attending brands of Baselworld.

The short message: make Baselworld fun again! Try to be innovative and include the watch idiot savants in your plan. Not only media and retailers but also the thousands of enthusiasts who – up to now –  could only look at the windows when visiting the fair.

Lack of Interaction

I visited Baselworld for a number of years now. With Fratello press badge and before, without. Oftentimes I felt the lack of interaction between the brand and the people walking around. Besides the parties and some fancy events for the ‘lucky few’, there is not much that focusses on consumers. In 2019 technology does offer so much that practically everything is possible with decent budget. And yes, when you are on this show with your brand, you have budget. I think the problem lies more into the lack of innovation and leaving the past behind. What about an app, game or augmented reality? Or a thrill ride that takes everyone through your novelties? Ok, not a real one, but maybe via 3D glasses?

How to make Baselworld more fun?

As my colleagues also summarized: Baselworld needs to work on involving people more. I think one of my suggestions above could improve the involvement with just a little effort and budget. Other things that could help in my opinion are:

  • More interviews and talking sessions, not only for invitees. Not only a script with questions, but where people can ask questions.
  • More online activity via social media and interaction with engaged people.
  • Organize events that not only focus on one brand at a time.
  • Go dip your toes more into the ‘watch scene’. Organize events for true fans of your brand and get to know what they find important. Use this research data for your Baselworld 2019 campaign.

Bottom line: make Baselworld fun again! What’s your opinion? How would you make it fun again? How to be innovative? We’d like to hear from you!