Mid-November, I blogged about Linde Werdelin, a brand that has its focus on toolwatches for die-hards. This coming Basel, they are expanding their collection with the Linde Werdelin Spidolite Watch. This watch will be available in titanium, titanium DLC (limited edition) and in titanium with a skeleton dial (also limited edition). The best part is (in my opinion), the movement for the sekeleton dial version. This movement is a 1970’s automatic mechanical movement, modified by Svend Anderson. Svend Anderson is member of the AHCI (Acad?ɬ©mie Horlog?ɬ®re des Cr?ɬ©ateurs Ind?ɬ©pendants).

The Spidolite skeleton dial version is a 46x49mm wristwatch, with a height of 12mm. This hockey puck in titanium has a see-through sapphire crystal case back that shows the 42 hour power reserve movement by Svend Anderson. The watch is water resistant to a 1000 feet (300 meters) and has a textile strap with titanium buckle.

I can’t wait till the end of March, when I am heading to Basel and meeting the people of Linde Werdelin to see these toolwatches in the flesh! If you are coming to BaselWorld 2009 as well, here is the Linde Werdelin stand information:

  • RJ – the new site design / layout looks GREAT!!


  • Thanks Kyle! I finally found a nice three column WordPress theme that I could (relatively) easily modify to my own satisfaction.

  • Couldn’t agree more with you Kyle! Love the re-design…did you do it all yourself, RJ?

    Also, agree with you (RJ) on the SpidoLite…its really nice to see a brand committing themselves to working with independent movement makers…

    Can’t wait to see what they release next month for their normal production line too!

  • @Ben: Thanks for your comment Ben. The redesign is a theme I found somewhere, but I had to taylor it a bit. The new header logo is mine ofcourse. The problem with WordPress is that it is mighty easy to install, but to tayler it to your needs (columns, lay-out, resolution, colors, fonts, headers, banners outside the frame etc).. it will cost you a lot of spare time (evenings) 🙂

    The Spidolite is a great addition to the Linde Werdelin catalogue. The Svend Anderson movement makes it very special. I just received the acknowledgement of my press accreditation from BaselWorld and I almost can’t wait to go there!

  • Hi Robert-Jan. I own the Hard Black LW and I believe the case size is just the same of the Spidolite, meaning 42mm diameter. The 46 mm must be including the crwon guards. Of course I could be wrong. Will measure once I visit Basel World. LW will have working prototypes AFAIK. Can’t wait! I am admittedly really thrilled about this brand….not just because I carry a Danish passport, hahahah! LW is not a football team, but deserves as much national thrill though! Even though the company is Danish, Denmark is far the biggest market. I believe it is actually the tiniest. I presume my ownership accounts for a rather large percentage of Danish owners.

  • Hi Kristian,

    Good to see you here, love your http://www.timegeeks,dk website. With a bit of effort, I can read it (since I am Dutch).

    42mm x 46 mm is L x W, but I noticed I made a typo! Thanks for notifying, Eagle Eye! 🙂 The 46 could be including crown guards, I will ask them.

    LW is very refreshing in my opinion! Although there are a few Dutch brands, they don’t thrill me as much as LW 🙂

    btw. I will be visiting Basel as well, care to join for lunch on saturday? (with a bunch of other watch freaks)

    Best regards,