As you probably know, together with a friend of mine I am hosting the Linkedin group ‘a Passion for Watches‘. With around 4,000 members, definitely the most interesting group to join if you are a registered member of Linkedin.

Today, I started a new discussion about buying a timepiece from one of the independent labels, like the ones below from Linde Werdelin.

Although I think that Independent watchmaking is a hot topic since the last two – three years, I don’t see many people around me wearing or buying them. Instead, they tend to go for the safe bet and still purchase a watch from one of the established brands (e.g. Rolex, IWC, Panerai and so on). How come? Is it the fair bet on resale value? Or do people still want a ‘renown’ brand label on the dial of their watch?

I would love to hear your opinion and view about this, so please join this discussion on ‘a Passion for Watches’ over at Linkedin. Click here to go directly to the discussion (make sure you already have a Linkedin account).