Dexterity in skeletonised design. The remarkable story of the SpidoLite continues.

Linde Werdelin’s SpidoLite family was born after an expedition to Mount Everest; they are designed for high performance during the most active of lifestyles. Representing an evolution in weight-optimised construction, the SpidoLite Titanium is the lightest Linde Werdelin timepiece to date. The open dial on both the SpidoLite Titanium and SpidoLite Gold reveals the first ever power reserve indicator for the brand.



The Idea

The SpidoLite family has a simple goal: to save weight without compromising on strength, integrity or performance. The fourth generation of the family is the most extreme skeleton to date, as co-founder and creative mind Morten Linde explains: “By looking at the watch holistically, we have stripped the components back to optimise weight, whilst creating balance in design.”

The Case and Materials

As pioneers in the integration of technically-complex, skeletonised watch case design, Linde Werdelin approach weight reduction as a design philosophy, not an end goal. The SpidoLite Titanium has a lightweight Grade 5 titanium skeletonised case with an industrial-style satin and microbillé finish. The SpidoLite Gold challenges the assumption that a heavy precious metal cannot produce an incredibly agile sports timepiece.

The Dial and Movement

Under the case and past the clean, minimalist dial, Linde Werdelin’s commitment to weight optimisation is realised through extreme skeletonisation, as the inner workings of the SpidoLite are exposed for all to see. Making use of a new calibre with components individually modified by Linde Werdelin in partnership with the award-winning watchmaking powerhouse Chronode SA, the LW07 movement allows for a 42-hour power reserve.

A single red triangle points to the open spring barrel cover, which acts as Linde Werdelin’s first-ever power reserve indicator. The spring is visibly loose when unwound and tight when fully wound. In keeping with the design philosophy, there is nothing superfluous added to the indicator; it is simple, it is functional and it blends harmoniously with surrounding components.


Technical Specifications


– Titanium Grade 5; satin, polished and microbille finishing or;
– 18K rose gold (5N); satin and microbille finishing
– Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on the inside
– Crown: Titanium Grade 5; rough circular satin; engraved with a spider icon
– Case dimension: 44mm x 46mm x 15mm


– Titanium Grade 5 (SpidoLite Titanium); satin on top surface; polished facet; microbille in grooves
– Black ceramic (SpidoLite Gold); satin on top surface; polished facet; microbille in grooves


– LW07, movement skeletonised and customised by Linde Werdelin
– 42 hours power reserve
– Balance frequency: 28,800vph (4Hz)
– Jewels: 20
– Movement plate: rhodium; microbille


SpidoLite Titanium:

– Titanium Grade 5; circular satin
– Eight hexakey titanium screws
– Limited edition number laser engraved from 1 to 75
– Laser engraved with LW and SpidoLite logos
– Water resistant to 100 metres

SpidoLite Gold:

– Black DLC-treated Titanium
– Eight hexakey titanium screws
– Laser engraved limited edition number from 1 to 75, LW and SpidoLite logos; filled with rose gold (5N)
– Water resistant to 100 metres


– Interchangeable premium natural rubber strap in cool grey
– Titanium screws; circular satin on top
– Black tension discs
– Titanium buckle


SpidoLite Titanium:

– Skeletonised dial
– Réhaut and dial: titanium colour, circular satin finish
– Hands blued by heat treatment; polished; cool grey Luminova
– Cool grey hour and minute indexes
– Logotype printed in black

SpidoLite Gold:

– Skeletonised dial
– Réhaut and dial: black circular satin on top surface
– Hands: rose gold (5N); satin on top surface; cool grey Luminova
– Cool grey hour indexes
– Rose gold (5N) minute indexes
– Logotype printed in cool grey


SpidoLite Titanium:

– Rhodium; satin direction 9-3
– Logo and “07” printed in black

SpidoLite Gold:

– Rose gold (5N); satin direction 9-3
– Logo and “07” printed in black


– Barrel cover: rhodium; circular satin (SpidoLite Titanium)
– Barrel cover: rose gold (5N); circular satin (SpidoLite Gold)
– Trigon pattern