After positive comments by Robert-Jan about Basel, my attention was drawn to Linde Werdelin’s new time pieces. I was aiming first at the classy 3Timer that was launched in the 2009 line up, but I changed my mind quite quickly to go for the older model, the original 2Timer. The design is a bit more uncompromising and sporty.

The LW team in London is was very helpful and the watch arrived with the speed of light. LW packs it in a black shiny box with an architectural shape. It?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s actually the first watch box that I could to put on top of my night stand instead of in the drawer.

RJ covered the LW concept of attachable outdoor instruments, so: the watch! On first impression it has a the wow factor. Like RJ remarked: This design is unmistakably Linde Werdelin. The 2Timer has presence. Please note that the reviewed watch is of the first series of Founders Watches. The current version might have slightly different specs. The black steel caseback is numbered 40/222 and the dial has the writing >>founders watch<< on the dial above the depth rating.

The 2Timer has a pretty busy dial layout and matching bezel design. If you?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢re looking for a stealthy dress watch, skip the 2008 models. I must add that the readability of the dial is very good and the dial design is not too dominant in the total concept. Comment on the 24 hour hand: it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s quite small and gets lost sometimes under the unusually broad hour and minute hands. This changed already in the 2009 model with the 24 hour scale going to the bezel and the hand stretching out all the way to the rehaut. Maybe those guys in Geneva weren?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t that crazy after all ;-).

Enhancing readability is the strong green lume on the markers, very effective. But the very green color is not that pretty to me and I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢d prefer a more white-ish lume like shown on their website. The angular shape of the case is fascinating every time I look at it and the finish of the brushing and polishing is impeccable. The ratcheting system of the bezel does it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s job but leaves room for improvement.

The watch is big although not gigantic: it compares to a 44mm Panerai or a Royal Oak Offshore when on the wrist. I have a small 7 inch wrist and I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m perfectly fine with it. For it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s size it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s quite a flat timepiece, not as heavy or high as an Offshore and the case bends down over the wrist nicely for maximum comfort. The crown is fully covered by the big crown guard and sits high enough not to dig into the hand.

The 2Timer comes standard on a rubber strap with a solid feel and sporty look. The clasp, the screws for attaching it to the case, everything fits exactly and oozes quality. It has a brushed clasp with a nicely shaped and logoed buckle. Minus is that it sticks out quite a bit from the strap, so it will do plenty of desk diving. My 2Timer was before shipping mounted on an optional black alligator. The alligator is quite an investment but it is extremely well made and finished. It balances the sporty design of the watch, making it versatile and wearable with both a casual outfit as well as business attire. The first day in my office the 2Timer attracted plenty of interested looks, more than any Panerai or Rolex ever does. The shape of the case is what makes it pop, even for non-WIS.

I won?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t dig any deeper now, since it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s meant to be a first impression review. I must say this Linde Werdelin 2-Timer is a spectacular watch. For it to become perfect in the way for example a Rolex is perfect, it will need more evolution. Well, for a young brand it?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s not a fair comparison of course. And seeing how old and imperfect Rolexes are now the real deal in watch collecting: why try to be perfect?

After strapping my 2Timer around the wrist there is one thing I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m sure about: Linde Werdelin has created a unique DNA that has all the richness and qualities to found a watch brand on. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m very interested in getting to meet those guys and see where they?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢re heading in the future. And don?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t forget: if you get an LW, which I think you should, go the extra mile and get the alligator strap as well.

  • Good on you! Nice choice, especially with the Founders Watch limitation! I am pleased to see that you also opted for the croc strap. This very well made strap adds luxury to a rather sporty watch. Have you considered trying their ardillon buckles?

  • Congrats Evert, on your terrific wrist watch! I hope to see it soon!


  • john chan

    Is this Evert guy Dutch?? I really really want to see this watch in person. I think the newer 2009 models are very nice, especially the 3-timer (steel with gold bezel).

    Now I have the exact feeling about this brand which I have for Panerai 10 years ago. The case design really stands out (just what mr Werdelin said in the video) against al those bullshit new models of 80% of the (new)brands in the industry.

    The Danish are doing very well on Design these days (just like in Architecture). We Dutch people have to be carefull 🙂 because I think the “”Dutch Design thing”” will end soon….the Danish are coming 🙂

    I am sure we will hear a lot of LW in near future. The way they make the dials of the 2009 models more simple is a good step foward…. I will have watch-funds by the end of this year, I am seriously thinking about getting a 3 timer…

    regards, John (m r b l e u)

    PS I have to admit I do not like the recent changes on the Octopus-case (the lab page of their homepage)….. I think it’s a little too much facets….

  • Evert

    @ RJ: Thanks! Drop by whenever you’re in Amsterdam
    @ John: Yes I’m dutch, shoot me an email if you want to check out the watch in person
    I can’t give a judgement yet on the new Octopus case, I think it’s nice auctually that they experiment a lot.
    @ Kristian: Thanks! I’m don’t know the ardillon buckles, I’d love to hear more. And I’d love to see your DLC LW in person!

  • Really great writeup guys! Am curious how LW is pricing the two-timer now that the model has been discontinued and replaced by the 2-timer. Big discounts?

  • @Ben: I don’t know exactly how much Evert paid for his 2-Timer. Now that the 3-Timer is on its way, I don’t hope that LW will stunt with discounts. In my opinion, giving (a lot of) discount will devaluate the relative young brand (and their watches). I hope LW will take Sinn as an example for pricing & discount policies.


  • Evert

    Hi Ben, thanks for your compliment. I wouldn’t expect too much of this discount thing. Not much to add to RJ’s comment, but also the 2008 series are of a very distinct nature than the 2009 line up, I think they can coexist very well with different tastes picking different models.

  • Hessel

    Dear all,
    I’m the distributor for the brand in the Benelux.
    As there has been quite a run on the classic models ever since the launch of the new ones, discounts won’t be very probable.
    Also, the distribution is quite strict, so a customer doesn’t have to be afraid (as with many of the well-known brands with their big disitribution) to find this watch at another retailer who’s performing pricing stunts. Also, as the brand itself is selling through their Internet shop at the full price (and quite successfully), this doesn’t seem to attract web discounters. I had one or two who contacted me to represent the brand, but this was of course easily declined…
    Nice post, Evert, and good choice!
    Best regards, Hessel Ruijgh, Friederichs

  • Hi Hessel,

    Thanks for the additional information. It’s good to hear that the 3-Timer (brown dial) I have in pre-order will be a rock solid “investment”. 🙂

    I think Linde Werdelin has a good policy with respect to internet sales (direct sale). LW leaves the decision up to the customer, whether they want to sit back and relax and click on a LW watch to be added to their virtual shopping cart or go to a bricks’n’mortar dealer to have a chat with the sales guy, touch and feel all kinds of watches (or just one) and then decide. Where most (conservative) brands seem to be afraid and do not enable these options for the (e-)customer, Linde Werdelin does. Kudos to Jorn and Morten (and their staff) for this policy. Jorn discussed this subject with me during our meeting in London, and I was amazed that a watch brand could be so 2.0. 🙂

    All the best,

  • Robert Nicholson

    Did you put the aligator thru the deployant yourself? Was it difficult?

  • Robert Nicholson

    Which hole on the aligator strap is the deployant configured to on your 7 inch wrist? I have two LW models now. A DLC Oktopus and now a SA DLC All Black Spidolite.