Linde Werdelin's blog: The Lab

    Linde Werdelin's blog: The Lab

    As I wrote in my WorldTempus article last week, Linde Werdelin is one of the few brands that actually listens to its clientele. And even better, they want to give the LW enthusiasts some insight in the things that happen over at this watch company with Danish roots. One of the founders of Linde Werdelin, Morten Linde, is the editor of The Lab blog.?Ǭ? This blog enables you to read about what’s happening behind-the-scene of a watch manufacturer. New product ideas, improvements and even the testing of their watches and instruments. You can provide LW some input by commenting on the posts, like you can here at FratelloWatches! 🙂

    On the left you’ll see Morten Linde (standing) and on the right (sitting) is Jorn Werdelin, with whom I had the pleasure to meet a few times. After all these posts here at FW, it goes without saying that I am really impressed by this brand. This initiative, The Lab, is just again one of the reasons that I like this brand so much.

    As Morten Werdelin puts it in his own words:

    ?¢?Ǩ?ìI wanted to establish a direct window of communication between the brand, my creations and those who love the watch industry and like Linde Werdelin watches. There is nothing more satisfying for a designer than to get immediate feedback on his/her thoughts from the person who is ultimately buying those creations. With The Lab, the end consumer is being offered a front seat to observe and interact with the LW universe,?¢?Ǩ¬ù says Morten Linde.

    For instance, you are being kept up to date on the progress of the development of their new models, such as the Oktopus. If you have some feedback to give on that, don’t hesitate to use the comments option on The Lab.

    I think this is unique for a watch manufacturer. Just as unique as their offer to go and try one of their watches and instruments for five days at no cost or obligation (go here for detailed information).

    These are the kind of things that makes it worthwhile for you as a watch aficionado, to check them out! As I have written many times now, their watches are not only unique in terms of design, look & feel, but also for their pro-active marketing strategy. This includes actual listening to their (potential) customers.

    After having seen their new collection during the BaselWorld 2009 show, having talked/mailed with some of their staff about their watches, ideas on (e-)marketing and handled some of their watches a few times in the flesh, I ordered a LW 3-Timer (brown dial) myself and I can’t say I have been more excited with any other watch I purchased so far. The pictures of the brown dial version on The Lab help me to get through the waiting time 🙂

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    I am curious about your opinions on watch manufacturer’s initiatives like these. Please share your thoughts with me by using the comments option below.

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