Sometimes I feel that I am alone on this one, but I just looked over at the Orient & Seiko forum and I couldn’t help thinking that I probably never can buy a Seiko watch. I consider myself as a complete watchnut and I even consider myself to at least have some knowledge about wristwatches and buying a Seiko or other Japanese watch really doesn’t fit in. This goes for new and vintage Seikos, but especially the new ones.

Although I have thought a lot about the popular Seiko Divers watches, or a nice Seiko 5 automatic lowcost watch, just for fun, but I still rather spend the money on an exclusive leather strap for one of my Swiss and German built watches. It is like a Japanese car I think, perfect cars, nothing wrong with them… but I would never buy them. Just a matter of taste and preferences I guess. Maybe it is the lack of identity, it could be Toyota, but when I look a bit closer, it may be a Nissan or Honda as well. European watches are like European cars I guess. You can identify most of them from miles distance, and every now and then.. they break down 🙂

What do you think? Are you a Seiko collector/lover?