The good ol' Rolex discussion

Robert-Jan Broer
December 17, 2004
The good ol' Rolex discussion

It even shows up at The Watchrap forum over at The Purists.

The question remains the same at every forum though, why buy a Rolex while you can get ‘a more interesting watch’ for the same kind of money.

Gerard Nijenbrinks nailed this one perfectly in my opinion, which is:

“If a watch is more interesting or not, is a very personal question of course. As you see by yourself, it’s difficult not to look through your own eyes when determining if a watch is interesting or not (to you).

To me Rolex watches are interesting because of their (construction of) movement and ruggedness of their watch cases.

I feel a lot of respect for a company which proved to be able to produce so many watches with this constant level of quality.

With these points in view, I can’t find another watch(brand) which has acomplished the same for this kind of money.

Every watch has it own story, and is attractive to someone for it’s own reasons. No one has to convince anybody to choose for a certain watch; you should be aware of your own reasons why to want a certain watch.


However, I am sure the question will pop-up next week again at another forum.


Robert-Jan Broer
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