Financial Times Deutschland writes that Diego Maradona has been busted by the Italian Tax police. They took his Rolexes (it seems that he always wears/wore two) and his diamond studded earrings. Now, I think a man should not wear earrings, but who am I…

Anyway, the Italian tax police took his 2 Daytonas. Worth approximately 10.000 Euro, according to the Financial Times Deutschland. I wonder whether if that is for one Rolex or for the two of them. If it is for two Rolex Daytonas, it is a bit unfair for Maradona. The 10.000 euro is being deducted from the 30.000.000,- Euro he still owes to the tax department. Because of their former owner, they might deliver some more euros if Italy is going to put them on eBay or Antiquorum 🙂


A sad day for Maradona. Taking a man’s watch must be one of the all time lowest things someone can do.

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