Rolex made a new (or should I say, another) version of the Daytona to add to their catalogue. I guess this really is for the guy (or probably girl) who has everything already.

Photo by Horloge Platform Nederland

I will just settle for the white dial stainless steel version 🙂 Rumour here in The Netherlands is that if you are a famous person, you just go over to a certain Rolex dealer in Amsterdam, ask for the owner, and you get one for almost free… That’s probably also why the soccerguys and TV personalities show up with all those exclusive watches all the time where John Doe have to wait several months/years for…

  • jean-michel

    the ugliest chronograph ever made ? …. probably IMO !
    beating even the worst bling bling Breitling … I could not add anything else seeing that , feel almost sea-thick !

  • That watch HAD to have been made for Elton John.

  • It would probably fit with his collection of exotic cars as well 🙂 Nice site Michelle, I forwarded it to my girlfriend.


  • Not to mention his tacky clothes…

    Thank you for the compliment! I hope your girlfriend likes my site. Tell her to email me if she has any comments or suggestions, and of course, that goes for you too.

  • Dirk

    Echt een voorbij moeilijke klok dit hoor,heb m al weet toch! 😉

  • georges

    horrible dial and too pimpy but the quality of teh calibre is better than the le primero and the omega 3303

  • Carol

    Who is the dealer in Amsterdam that you recommend? Carol