Almost as stupid as the AP Royal Oak catalogue where they had fitted one of the bolts in bezel in the wrong direction. This Rolex advertisement below probably went-out unseen by the head of the office at Rolex PR & Communications.

The horror, the shame.. as an avid Rolex admirer, I have to admit.. even Rolex makes such dumb mistakes. However, this is nothing compared to the mistake Omega made with their recent press photos. Check out this blog at Chuck Maddox’s site.

Source: R-L-X

  • Gregory

    Sorry, but I don’t where is the mistake or the problem…
    Could you give us some lights ?

  • The smaller watch below is NOT the new 2006 GMT Master II. Just look at the bezel carefully…

  • Gregory

    OK, many thanks, hawk eye !

  • Bas

    I remember a few years ago, Omega had a javascript thingy of a working Speedmaster Pro on their website. It ran on time and you could start, stop and reset the chrono by pushing the buttons. Too bad that they used a picture of a Speedmaster automatic to make the animation…

    I had to look for a while at the Rolex bezel in the post. The differences I see is that the large triangle on the new bezel (large picture) is wider, and the font is different as can be easily see if you look at the number 2.