What’s the best watch for x money… (where x is 4000 USD in this case) It seems that the crowd at WatchRap goes Rolex.

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I would probably go Rolex as well. However, I am lucky that I don’t have to stick with one watch. This guy also has this choice, since you can easily buy two or more decent watches for this money.

  • I can easily see myself w/ a Rolex GMT II as my only watch. Seems like the best of compromises imho.

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  • I was recently in the same boat, and went with the Rolex GMT Master II, all black. It’s a beautiful watch, though it runs a tad fast (I’m getting it regulated today). Yes, one can get two or more non-Rolexes with $4k (I’ll wear my $140 Seiko OM while the Rolex is in the shop), but then you still wouldn’t have a Rolex. 🙂


  • georges zaslavsky

    A 63 or 65 pre moon pro speedy with a 321 or a omega speedmaster broad arrow. A sub can be a great choice too.