This discussion shows up every once in a while at all the watchfora (see the links in the menu on the right), quartz movements vs mechanical movements. To me, a mechnical movement is definately more fun, but this doesn’t say a quartz movement is bad or can’t be justified in an expensive watch (think Rolex OysterQuartz with their ‘mechanical’ escapement). Marc started a thread about the costs of a quartz watch in the High-End quartzforum, is it really worth it? See for yourself, click here

As a watchcollector I must say that although I prefer mechanical watches, I do have my share of quartz watches and I sincerely regret selling a Rolex OysterQuartz DateJust but I can understand the worries of someone paying a lot of money for a high-end quartz watch. The only thing I can say to this is that the quartz movement in a Rolex, Omega or IWC is definately not the same as the one in a 10 USD plastic watch.

Rolex OysterQuartz movement

  • mARKO

    quartz is deffinitively better…you buy wrist watcth and you wear it for 15-20 years and then buy another one…thats simple…because it is more precise…

  • Dr. V N Rao

    HOW COME MECHANICAL WATCHES COME BACK IN UPPER END MODELS?inspite of weight and less accurate. Any improvement made in per second vibrations from the earlier 33/sec?

  • I’m sort of a techno-geek myself, earning my living with a computer. But I wear a Titoni automatic (mechanical) watch. I guess I just like to keep one small area of my life immune to the ravages of the digital revolution. I’m not quite sure why, but a mechanical watch is just more of a “real” watch.

  • shane p.

    Personally I will always go with an automatic watch, because I think quartz watches are cold and heartless. Automatic watches are precise pieces of art and take at least 6 months to make, not that I hate quartz its just I don’t care for them.So buy an automatic!!!

    • jock thomson

      I have my doubts about mechanical watches taking 6 months to make.
      Mechanical wathes have something to do with snobbery. Even the cheapesr € 10,- quartz watch is more accurate then the most expensive mechanical watch. Nobody can tell me that a mechanical watch is worth € 5.000,- and more. The profits for Manufacturer and Retailer must be fantastic. It’s questionable whether we need wrist watches nowadays. You can read the time everywhere you go, not least on your Mobile phone.

  • LTS

    Different art is all. Crystal resonance movements will hold +- 5 sec / year. And those watches do a take a while to build. Art, both kinds, merits discussion and deserves discriminating patronage in the marketplace to keep it alive. IMO.