The horror, a new Yachtmaster.. euh.. Yikesmaster. The Rolex Yachtmaster II, as pictured below, has a programmable countdown timer function. More specs can be found here.

To make things up again, the Rolex wiedergutmachungsschnitzel so to speak, is the new Rolex GMT-Master II in all steel. We have seen the gold/steel and full gold model last year, and finally.. the steel model will be added to the GMT-Master range.

More news on Rolex watches can be found at this thread over atǬ†(they also opened an English forum).

  • It might be the picture but the steel bracelet with polished sections looks very Invicta to me. Is Rolex copying the copycat? I’m curious how they will look in real life, hopefully better then this.

  • I LOVE the new Milgaus w/ the dark dial.

  • Ken

    Great watch blog!

  • Kurokat

    Please …Please, as an owner for a Datejust w/Oyster Braclet, which I sold, but the current owner of a M series, Kermit Submariner, I plead that the powers at Rolex keep the Professional Series bracelets… SATIN FINISHED! If not an option, that shiny crap has no business on a Pro Series, less its made with a precious metal! Besides, minimizing distraction while Spear-Fishing is a priority!