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Rolex was originally founded in 1905 as “Wildorf and Davis” by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London. Shortly after the name, Rolex was filed for a trademark, an office was opened in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. The company was finally registered in November 1915. Rolex moved its operations to Geneva in 1919 to avoid heavy taxation from a recovering post-war Britain. In 1960 the founder Hans Wilsdorf passed away, At that time all Rolex shares were owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation to make sure some of the companies earnings would go towards charity. This remained unchanged to this day and Rolex SA is still owned by the foundation which is registered as a charity.


Founder Wilsdorf and Davis found Wilsdorf and Davis in London
The trademark Rolex is registered
The Rolex company is founded
Making the first waterproof wristwatch, the Rolex Oyster
Rolex starts selling watches with the reliability at a lower price under the name Tudor
Introduction of the Submariner which was the first waterproof watch up to 100 m
Introduction of the first wristwatch with two time zones better known as the GMT-Master
With the Day-Date the first wristwatch with doth day and date display is born
The first Deepsea Seadweller is presented with a depth rating of up to 3900 meters/12800 foot.

Did you know?

17 Million

The Rolex Daytona that was owned by actor Paul Newman was hammered down at $15,5 million dollars during the Phillips Bacs & Russo Auction in New York. That is without the 12,5% buyer’s premium. Making it the most expensive wristwatch of all time at a price tag of 17.752.500,- USD


Rolex was ranked as the 71st most valuable brand by Forbes in 2018


The mother of all modern wrist watches was introduced in 1945: The Rolex Datejust
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